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Clubs are the doorway to learning more and putting new skills into practice.  

Robotics Club

Robotics club is like a playground for young engineers and tech enthusiasts, where they can design, build, and program robots while having fun with like-minded people. It’s the perfect place to let imagination run wild and build cool machines that can perform different tasks and compete against other schools.

Waynedale Elementary Welcome

Garden Club

4th Graders work together to grow plants in hydroponic towers and learn about different aspects of plants & garden care.



Club Orchestra

Club O (grades 2-5) and Club Kid-O (grades K-1) are part of El Sistema, a visionary world movement transforming the lives of children and their communities through music, a new model for social change. Their missions are to empower children by providing an intensive orchestra training program that teaches the importance of teamwork, promotes self-confidence, and instills the value of social responsibility.